Frequently Asked Questions


CHD is a design studio for discerning clients. Established in 2020, I'm a woman-owned business. Chelsey Huff Design is a  super-talented designer who is addicted to innovative timeless designs, high craftsmanship, and a pleasant experience for our clients. 

The CHD Collection is a curated selection of pre-designed save the dates, invitation suites, and day-of stationery templates created by Chelsey Huff Design. These designs may have been created for editorial purposes or because Chelsey had an idea they wanted to bring to life! I offer different suites at different price points. You are able to customize part of the order to best fit your needs.

Hell no! This is your wedding stationery—the only logo that belongs there is your monogram. 

If you’re ordering an invitation for a social event, like a birthday or holiday party, or for a smaller or more casual wedding/elopement, you may just need an invitation card and envelope (where you’ll include RSVP information directly on the card). 

For more traditional or formal wedding invitation suites, we’d recommend adding on an RSVP card. More and more couples are choosing to have guests RSVP digitally, usually through their website. If you decide to do this, you do not need an RSVP envelope. Some couples will include a way to RSVP digitally as well as allow guests to mail in their RSVP card, in which case you do need an RSVP envelope.  

Is your reception at a different location from your ceremony? If so, then you need a reception card telling guests where the reception is. If your ceremony and reception are at the same place, then you do not need a reception card—you should add “Dinner and dancing to follow” or something along those lines to your invitation card. 

Do you have a wedding website? Are there other weekend events that everyone is invited to? Do you need to mention accommodations or any other technical details in the invitation suite? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions—then you need a website or info card.  

Are you having a rehearsal dinner? You may want to include an invitation for that as well, especially if someone else is hosting it. Do you need a smaller quantity of this card? No problem—the order form allows you to order a different quantity from the invite suite for your rehearsal dinner card. 

Do you want us to take care of the recipient addressing? If so, then you need digital calligraphy.


Letterpress is among the most beautiful forms of printing. 

Process: Text and designs are pressed into paper, leaving indentations. Gives a sophisticated, artful look and feel.  


Complements luxury invitations but can also be used whimsically. 

Process: A paper-like foil creates a metallic-looking design.  


Digital flat-printing is great for a quick turnaround or a small quantity. It’s the most inexpensive printing method we offer and it can be used for a single-color design, full-color artwork, or to print white on dark-colored paper. 

Process: A direct-to-paper printing technique in which images are created from thousands of tiny dots.

This is when we digitally print your guest addresses to the front of your invitation or save the date envelopes. This is printed in a font and color that matches your save the date or invitation suite. After you place your order, you will receive a template for organizing your addresses as well as an etiquette guide. Once finished, you’ll provide us with an Excel spreadsheet with your guest addresses and we’ll lay them out in your font and color. Our copy editor will look over your addresses and highlight any potential errors. You’ll have a chance to see the digital calligraphy printer’s proof before going to print. 

No, we do not offer hand calligraphy for Collection orders.

We use 120# Accent White Cover and that is 1-ply weight. It can be used as a budget-friendly option for save the date cards, reply cards, and info cards. It’s not flimsy, but it’s also not substantial enough for a main invitation card. As such, all main invitation cards are at least 2-ply. 

2-ply weight is created by mounting two sheets of 120# Accent White Cover together to create 240# weight. It is the best choice for invitation cards and for other cards when a more luxury feel is desired. 

Which one should you choose? For a true luxury experience, choose 2-ply for all other cards. Want luxury but trying to save a bit? It’s perfectly fine to do 1-ply for the RSVP card. 

No, you will have to purchase your postage stamps directly from the United States Postal Service or you may purchase vintage stamps on Etsy or Amazon. Be sure you bring your finished set to the post office to find out exactly how much it will cost to mail your save the dates or invitation suites domestically and internationally. For international recipients, leave the postage stamps off of the reply envelope. For all domestic guests, you should put one Forever stamp on each reply envelope.

No, assembly and mailing services are not included in the collection pricing. I will ship the final order to you with mailing instructions as well as one sample assembled the way we suggest that you do it. Chelsey Huff Design is not responsible for the performance of the USPS.

Remember, your quantity is NOT your head count. Couples and families receive only one. Children over the age of 18 who no longer live at home technically should receive their own invitation. We recommend ordering 15% more than you need—going back to print is very expensive. 

No, sorry, please select the most appropriate quantity from the drop-down menu. It’s always safer to have more than you need. We’re certain that you’ll have to resend a few that you didn’t expect to due to errors by the USPS and for guests who forgot to update you about their new address. 

That depends on which item you're ordering, the quantity, printing method(s), paper type, and how long it takes you to approve your final proof. At the end of your order form, we’ll provide you with estimated timing based on your order and our current production schedule. 

We do our best to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible. It may not be possible, however, to receive it sooner than the estimated timing provided in your order form.

I recommend 6 to 8 months in advance. Sometimes people will mail out as much as a year in advance for destination weddings, weddings on popular dates or holiday weekends, or if you just feel like getting the word out earlier than everyone else.

It’s appropriate to mail out wedding invitations 2 to 3 months in advance. Ask for a reply-by date between 6 and 3 weeks before the wedding.

No, not if you’d like to stay in the Collection price range.  

You can, however, reach out to us about custom designs. We could be inspired by something in the Collection and work with you to make it something new and different. 

I am so sorry! But, unfortunately, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges on any CHD orders. What I can do to help is provide you with an updated digital version of your save the date or invitation card, for no additional charge, that you can attach to an email.

Due to the highly customized nature of your order, we do not accept returns or exchanges or refunds. If your event is canceled, we cannot offer refunds. All sales are final. 

Because you value style and quality, and so do I: Good is the enemy of great. 

We are here to help. Contact me at I look forward to working with you!


I’m sure we can create a solution for your extenuating circumstances. If there’s not an answer to your question here, message me directly for a private consultation!