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Your Celebration’s Unique Designs Start with Chelsey Huff Design

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Photo: @stphotogallery

Serve Snacks That Make a Statement

For any of life’s celebrations—from weddings to birthdays—we will work together to create personalized day-of event print services that can turn even the most ordinary of parties into extraordinary works of art.

With our custom menus, cocktail ingredients, photobooth backdrops, and more, we’ll make sure your day-of event signage and decorations are as one-of-a-kind as you. 

Day-of Event & Wedding Stationery: Custom Prints


1. Direct Guests:

Clear and custom-designed day-of signage can help direct guests to different areas of the event space, such as the ceremony location, reception area, restrooms, and parking lot. This can help prevent confusion and ensure that guests know where they need to be at all times.

2. Enhance Aesthetics:

Custom-designed signage can enhance the overall aesthetics of the event and add to the theme and decor. This can help create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

3. Communicate Important Information: 

Day-of signage can communicate important information to guests, such as the schedule of events, menu items, and any special instructions or requests. This can help ensure that guests are informed and prepared for what’s to come.

4. Branding:
Custom-designed signage can include the couple’s names, monogram, or wedding logo, which can help reinforce the branding of the event and make it more memorable for guests.

5. Professionalism:
Clear and professional-looking day-of signage can help elevate the overall professionalism of the event and make it feel more organized and well-planned.

6. Safety:
Day-of signage can also include safety information, such as emergency exits and first aid stations. This can help ensure that guests are aware of potential hazards and know how to respond in case of an emergency.